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Service NOT Sales since 1998
Larry Raspbury, Traverse City's Exclusive Buyer Agent
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Absolutely No Charge To You
The seller pays my commission
I am an independent Exclusive Buyer Broker. I carry no listings and therefore have nothing to sell and I work 100% for you.
 I provide two (No Obligation) options for searching Traverse City Real Estate and receiving automatic updates of all real estate listings from all real estate agents. Please watch the videos below

Why use an Exclusive Buyer Agent

There is no charge for my service

 No Phone Number Required
Create and save searches from the Traverse City MLS Multiple Listing Service and receive automatic updates
Search all Traverse City Real Estate Listings from all real estate agents

Exclusive Buyer Agents carry no listings

The seller pays my commission

No name or phone number required
You can request Foreclosures Only
Full Traverse Area MLS Exposure
 No in-house listings No conflict of interest

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What the USA Department of Housing and Urban Development has to say about Exclusive Buyer Agents

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I Work 100% for my Traverse City Home Buyer Clients and 0% for any seller.

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Traverse City's Exclusive Buyer Agent providing No Pressure Service Since 1998 to Grand Traverse County, Antrim County, Leelanau County, Benzie County and surrounding counties. Search all Traverse City Real Estate Listings from one source. Request foreclosed property only. Questions answered about , the Michigan mortgage credit certificate, and the Michigan transfer tax exemption. Check out Real Estate Tool box.