Did You Know:
The listing agent has signed a contract to represent the seller?
Did You Know:
That makes the seller the CLIENT and you the CUSTOMER?
Did You Know:
It is the listing agent's JOB to first attempt to sell their client's listings at the highest price possible.

Then Next they are pressured to Sell In-House Listings.
Did You Know:
I am paid from the commission generated by the sale of the property the same as any other agent.

There are more than 150 (3 Bedroom), (1 Bath) homes in the Traverse City MLS between $100,000 and $200,000.
Consider attempting to view twenty, thirty or more of those homes.
You would need to contact twenty or more seller agents, arrange showing appointments and deal with all those seller agents following up for their seller clients after the showings.
It is my job to arrange all those showing appointments and deal with all those real estate agents.
Let me show you how easy the entire process is supposed to be.