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What do I do different than most Traverse City Real Estate Agents?

That is what I was asked at the end of a recent closing.

Well not exactly.

To Quote:

"So you didn't do anything different than any other agent would have done".

That statement surprised and baffled me, and before I could gather myself to respond we were walking out the door.

How I wish I could have responded:

To start; I showed Bob all condos that matched his search criteria.

I didn't start with my listings, because I don't carry any listings.

I didn't follow up by showing him my company's listings, because my company doesn't carry any listings.

I start by showing all my clients all listings from all Traverse City real estate agents without exception.

I shot video of Bob's property and placed it on YouTube so his family around the country could view it.

At the time of writing the offer I not only tried to talk Bob into making a lower offer than he chose, I also tried to get him to sleep on it and make a decision the next day.

As it turned out, the seller accepted our first offer which means we bid to high.

I always do my best to point out any negative aspect of any property.

The home inspection revealed some very minor issues with three appliances.

Bob decided this was unacceptable and wanted the seller to repair the items.

To keep Bob from shooting himself in the foot by opening the contract over $200 and losing his home to a possible backup offer, I went to investigate the issues on my own.

It turned out that the dryer simply needed the breaker turned on.

The microwave needed a $40 motor for the turntable which I personally, purchased and replaced.

At the advice of Max's of Traverse City, I removed a part from the dish washer and took it to Max's for testing and it checked out OK.

So, I re-installed the part and arranged an appointment for the repair man to come and fix the problem and I personally paid for the $100 repair before the closing.

I mention "before the closing" because if our deal didn't close I would have been out the $140.

I am confident that my service to Bob was quite different than most other real estate agents.

I'm sure when folks first meet me some think, "this guy does not look like a real estate agent." Sorry, I don't even own a suit.

I look more like a home inspector than a sales person.

I have ruined enough nice shoes and clothes to learn that fancy clothes are not compatible with my level of service.

How many agents will you meet who have a tool box and a ladder in their car?

Or a probe for finding septic tank lids and a shovel to dig them up?

I have a moisture meter for detecting moisture in walls.

I am the real estate agent in the crawl space, in the attic, on the roof, walking through wet grass and picker bushes looking for property lines, encroachments, debris etc.

I have a cellular modem for my laptop computer and I am online in my car as well as an on board printer, scanner, and e-fax which provides a mobile virtual office.

I was a computer technician for ten years and I am well versed in the technology and internet necessary to provide prompt and complete information.

I work from home and the only time I am not available for my clients is when I am asleep.

I am the real estate agent answering your email long after normal business hours because even when am I watching TV my laptop is in front of me and I am eager to answer your questions.

I preview homes and property for clients who are out of town and shoot video of it and place that video on YouTube for their viewing.

When I deal with foreclosures I sometimes have the power, water, and gas turned 

on in my name to accommodate the inspectors and appraiser.

For example; the appraisal failed on a home on Kelley St. in Traverse City because the appraiser couldn't get the thermostat to work, so I personally replaced the thermostat at my expense and pleaded with the appraiser to return the next day so my clients could close on time.

This again was done before the closing which is paid out of my pocket, but it saves my clients the hassle of dealing with these issues while they are busy with their own jobs.

I have talked clients out of buying a home because it was better for them to rent.

I tell my clients, "I would not buy this house"

How many listing agents would do that?

So other than being one of the few Exclusive Buyer Agents in Michigan, who does not list property, or work for sellers, I am sure I am quite different than most real estate brokers.